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Casey and Diana

By (author) Nick Green
Categories: Plays, playscripts

"I swear, I absolutely swear that hope has a sound..." It's October 1991, and the residents of Casey House, Canada's first free-standing AIDS hospice, have woken up to the life-changing news that Princess ...

Queen Goneril

By (author) Erin Shields
Categories: Plays, playscripts

Set seven years before King Lear, Queen Goneril centres the struggles of Lear’s daughters as they negotiate patriarchal systems built to keep them relegated to the sidelines. In Goneril, we find a natural-born ...

William Shakespeare's As You Like It, A Radical Retelling

By (author) Cliff Cardinal
Categories: Plays, playscripts

The title of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It holds a double meaning that teasingly suggests the play can please all tastes. But is that possible? With his subversive updating of the Bard’s classic, ...

Marguerite. Le feu

Émilie Monnet rencontre Marguerite Duplessis, cette femme autochtone mise en esclavage qui a été la première à défendre sa liberté lors d’un procès en Nouvelle-France, en 1740. Suivant ses traces ...

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates provides insight into performance activities from the seventeenth century to the early 1970s, and probes important yet vexing questions about Canada as a country ...

Women of the Fur Trade

By (author) Frances Koncan
Categories: Plays, playscripts

In eighteen hundred and something something, somewhere upon the banks of a Reddish River in Treaty One Territory, three very different women with a preference for twenty-first century slang sit in a fort ...

Interdependent Magic

Edited by Jessica Watkin
Categories: Plays, playscripts

Interdependent Magic: Disability Performance in Canada is a collection of plays and interviews by, for, and about Disabled theatre artists that invites readers into the magical worlds of Disability arts ...

Canadian Rajah

By (author) Dave Carley
Categories: Plays, playscripts

Canadian Rajah is the incredible -- and true -- story of Esca Brooke Daykin. He was the first-born son of the legendary "White Rajah of Sarawak" but was exiled from that country (a British colony, now ...

When Words Sing

Edited by Julie Salverson
Categories: Plays, playscripts

Meet the creators behind the words of Canadian opera in this exciting new collection of contemporary libretti. Featuring work by Robert Chafe, Anna Chatterton, George Elliott Clarke, Marie Clements, Ann-Marie ...

Beautiful Man & Other Short Plays

By (author) Erin Shields
Foreword by Andrea Donaldson
Categories: Plays, playscripts

Award-winning playwright Erin Shields has crafted three thought-provoking plays that centre on the inner lives of women, offering space for those who dare to listen.