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The Ballet Book

The book illustrates in meticulous detail—and through more than 100 photographs—every position, step, and pose involved in barre work, pointe work, alignment, classical ballet poses, attitudes, allegros, ...

Long Powwow Nights

By (author) David Bouchard & Pam Aleekuk
Illustrated by Leonard Paul
Performed by (orchestra, band, ensemble) Buffy Sainte-Marie
Categories: Children’s / Teenage fiction: General fiction

The Powwow is a time-honored Native American custom. It is a celebration of life and spirituality, a remembrance of traditions, uniting a people through dance and ritual.

Long Powwow Nights takes you on ...

James the Dancing Dog

James the beagle was a real dog. His master and mistress worked with the National Ballet of Canada, and between 1961 and 1972 he went with them to the studio, the rehearsal hall, and the theater where ...