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Where Did Momo's Hair Go?

The laugh-out-loud journey of a little clown's wig

Hurry up! Momo the Clown is in a rush. He runs so fast to catch the bus that his hair flies off his head... Oh, no! Where did Momo's hair go?

A humorous ...

The Dog Patrol

A full-colour dog book unlike any other delving into the history and evolution of dogs as companions, empowering young readers to promote the health and happiness of dogs in their own lives.
“Clear, ...

Missing Mike

Wildfires are exactly that—surprisingly swift in creating panic and concern about family, home, and all the things one loves, including the family dog named Mike. When it’s time to evacuate, suddenly ...

Ben and the Scaredy-Dog

The newest book from this award-winning team takes a light-hearted but sincere approach to childhood anxiety. The new girl, Erv, has just moved in and Ben can’t wait to meet her, until he notices her ...

A Team Like No Other

“Mush,” shouted Stephen – and they were off.

The wilderness, adventure and the thrill of near disaster – they’re all present in this moving tale of a boy and his dog.
Stephen and his dad enjoy ...