Children’s / Teenage general interest: Science: The human body

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By (author) Nancy Vo
Illustrated by Nancy Vo
Categories: Early years: the body and the senses

A cheeky celebration of boobies!

“You have just opened a book about boobies.” Meet the Blue-footed Booby, who does not have any boobies at all, since only mammals have boobies. We learn that mammals ...

100 milliards de neurones

100 milliards de neurones : le livre qui t'apprend à mieux apprendre! Nouveau guide illustré dans la collection des Guides pratiques sympathiques, dont tous les titres sont des bestsellers au Québec, ...

Gross and Disgusting Things about the Human Body

Icky, sticky, slimy, and smelly—the human body is amazing, but it’s pretty nasty sometimes, too! Find the real answers to your questions about the gross and disgusting things in, on, and coming out ...