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Born nameless, in a rigid, autocratic society that has relegated all women to non-person status — Unmales — two women fight against their invisibility.

The disappearance of yet another Domestic means ...

Silver Repetition

By (author) Lily Wang
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

A young Asian immigrant mends her fractured sense of self in this exquisite coming-of-age debut novel about family, grief, and identity.

Having left China for Canada with her parents as a child, Yuè Yuè ...

An Ordinary Violence

A chilling horror novel about a young Indigenous woman haunted by the oppressive legacies of colonization. 

Dawn hasn’t spoken to her brother, Cody, since he was sent to prison for a violent crime seven ...


By (author) Shelley Thompson
Categories: Family life fiction

A novel inspired by the original screenplay for the award-winning feature film Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor, about a young trans woman who returns to her family farm in the wake of her mother's death, ...


From the author of Maidenhead, a reverse cautionary tale about a young woman exploring the boundaries of sex and belonging in the early 2000s

Distraught that her teenage daughter is in love with a woman ...


By (author) Stephens Gerard Malone
Categories: Historical fiction

A work of historical fiction following the prized African elephant who stole the show of the Barnum & Bailey Circus — and the hearts of people around the world — exploring exploitation, unrequited ...

Tales for Late Night Bonfires

Curious, uncanny tales blending Indigenous oral storytelling and meticulous style, from an electric voice in Canadian fiction

These are stories that are a little bit larger than life, or maybe they really ...


South is a haunting and hallucinatory reimagination of life in a world under totalitarianism, and an individual’s quest for truth, agency, and understanding.

B, a journalist, travels to the South of ...

This Is How You Start to Disappear

By (author) Astrid Blodgett
Categories: Short stories
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series

This Is How You Start to Disappear is a new collection of engaging, tension-filled stories interested in the ways we don’t understand each other and how we respond to each other, especially in the midst ...

Breaking and Entering

By (author) Don Gillmor
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

During the hottest summer on record, Bea's dangerous new hobby puts everyone's sense of security to the test.

Forty-nine and sweating through the hottest summer on record, Beatrice Billings is rudderless: ...