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Dry Your Tears to Perfect Your Aim

By (author) Jacob Wren
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

What are the best ways to support political struggles that aren’t your own? What are the fundamental principles of a utopia during war? Can we transcend the societal values we inherit? Dry Your Tears ...

However Far Away

A sweeping family saga set against the backdrop of a Sikh wedding.

On the morning of his nephew’s wedding, Devinder Gill is certain the delicate balance of his life will not be upset. Dev is married ...

Out of the Shadows

By (author) Gordon Henderson & David Bouchard
Categories: Classic fiction

Set during the dramatic Red River Resistance of 1869-1870 and the birth of Manitoba. The novel is told through the perspective of a young Irish-Canadian journalist, Conor O?Dea. Under mysterious circumstances, ...

Peacocks of Instagram

By (author) Deepa Rajagopalan
Categories: Short stories

Engrossing, witty yet devastating stories about diasporic Indians that deftly question what it means to be safe, to survive, and to call a place home.

An underappreciated coffee shop server haunted by ...

These Songs I Know By Heart

Married and divorced in her 20s, looking for friendship in her 30s, and contemplating pregnancy at 40, our narrator wonders if she’s going through life out of order. But Alice, The Turtle, The Kid, ...

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

A young woman’s coming-of-age through a toxic relationship, isolation, and betrayal—set against the stark landscape of the far north

Millicent is a shy twenty-four-year-old reporter who moves to Whitehorse ...


I am a gender criminal. I am Unmale, yet I write as though I am a person.

Driven by a Machiavellian mind and ego, Tiresius has risen through the ranks of the Autokracy to become Imperial Treasurer, has ...

Silver Repetition

By (author) Lily Wang
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

Having left China for Canada with her parents as a child, Yuè Yuè yearns to discover who she is as she nears the end of her degree and starts a new relationship. In urgent poetic fragments, she seeks ...


Dans le salon rien ne bouge. Un tapis rêche, des visages impassibles, quelques vieilles photographies sur l’âtre sans feu, et le bonhomme Jean, fondu dans son fauteuil, les lèvres étirées dans ...


« Les mouches se collent à ses cuisses, à ses cheveux. De petites mouches noires et des moustiques tous plus voraces les uns que les autres. Elle marche aussi vite que possible, râpant ses souliers ...