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We Have Never Lived On Earth

By (author) Kasia Van Schaik
Categories: Short stories
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series

Kasia Van Schaik’s debut story collection follows the journey of Charlotte Ferrier, a child of divorce raised by a single mother in a small town in British Columbia after moving from South Africa. Mother ...

Her First Palestinian

By (author) Saeed Teebi
Categories: Short stories

Finalist for the 2022 Atwood Gibson Writers' Trust Fiction Prize

Elegant, surprising stories about Palestinian immigrants in Canada navigating their identities in circumstances that push them to the emotional ...

Ezra's Ghosts

By (author) Darcy Tamayose
Categories: Short stories

Award-winning author Darcy Tamayose returns with Ezra's Ghosts, a collection of fantastical stories linked by a complex mingling of language and culture, as well as a deep understanding of grief and what ...


By (author) Kate Cayley
Categories: Short stories

Linked short stories about families, nascent queers, and self-deluded utopians explore the moral ordinary strangeness in their characters’ overlapping lives. Householders moves effortlessly from the ...


By (author) Norma Dunning
Categories: Short stories

Drawing on both lived experience and cultural memory, Norma Dunning brings together six powerful new short stories centred on modern-day Inuk characters in Tainna. Ranging from homeless to extravagantly ...

If Sylvie Had Nine Lives

By (author) Leona Theis
Categories: Short stories

Have you ever looked back and wondered, What if…?
Meet Sylvie—funny, sly, sensual, and flawed. Like all of us, Sylvie must make decisions that have reverberations for years to come. Unlike the rest ...

We Two Alone

By (author) Jack Wang
Categories: Short stories

A masterful collection of stories that dramatizes the Chinese diaspora across the globe over the past hundred years, We Two Alone is Jack Wang’s astonishing debut work of fiction, perfect for fans of ...

The Evolution of Alice

By (author) David A. Robertson
Foreword by Shelagh Rogers
Categories: Short stories

Alice is a single mother raising her three young daughters on the rez where she grew up. Life has never been easy, but she's managed to get by with the support of her best friend, Gideon, and her family. ...

The Swan Suit

By (author) Katherine Fawcett
Categories: Short stories

Blending banalities of everyday routines and dilemmas with elements of magic, the macabre and the downright inventive, the stories in The Swan Suit are anything but predictable. In this collection, reimagined ...

Moccasin Square Gardens

By (author) Richard Van Camp
Categories: Short stories

Master Tłı̨chǫ storyteller and bestselling author Richard Van Camp captures the shifting and magical nature of the North in this stunning collection of short stories.