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Pale Grey Dot

By (author) Don Miasek
Categories: Science fiction: military

Three members of an elite team of operatives—once so close they were like family—are living in disgraced exile after a mission gone horribly wrong. But when the solar system’s Jupiter Station is ...


Nikos Wulf is at the top of his game. Within the sublevels of 2120 Winnipeg, he is the undisputed king of bounty hunters, working for the elite Bounty Commission Eco-Terror Taskforce. The job: maintain ...

The Marigold

“This impressively bleak vision of the near future is as grotesquely amusing as it is grim.” — Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

 “A gripping tour-de-force torn from tomorrow’s headlines.” ...

La respiration du ciel

L'enveloppe de la montgolfière trembla, comme si elle aussi était frappée d'émotion. — Le vent se lève, dit Neige. La brise sécha les larmes qu'Olive n'avait pas senties couler sur ses joues. ...

A Suitable Companion for the End of Your Life



A bold and absurd new take on the dystopian plague novel, where people are treated like IKEA furniture ...

Call Me Stan

When King Priam’s daughter was fleeing the sack of Troy, Stan was there. When Jesus of Nazareth was beaten and crucified, Stan was there, one cross over. Stan has been a Hittite warrior, a Roman legionnaire, ...

Seasons Between Us

What is a life well-lived? How should life be lived? What kind of stories will you leave behind? Travel with 23 speculative fiction authors through the different seasons of life to capture the memories, ...

Night Call

By (author) Brenden Carlson
Categories: Science fiction
Series: The Walking Shadows

In a very different 1933, self-styled detective Elias Roche and his robot partner, Allen, immerse themselves in the criminal underworld to find the killer and hopefully prevent war on New York’s streets ...

Shades Within Us

Journey with 21 speculative fiction authors through the fractured borders of human migration to examine assumptions and catch a glimpse of the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of those who choose—or ...


By (author) Charles-Étienne Ferland
Categories: Science fiction
Series: Vertiges

Dans ce roman d'aventure post-apocalyptique, les réserves alimentaires du globe et les cultures agricoles sont ravagées par une nouvelle espèce d'insecte jusqu'à ce qu'il ne reste presque plus rien ...