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Food Science for Gardeners

Everyone's guide to using the power of science to produce healthier and tastier fruits and vegetables

From garden to fork, Food Science for Gardeners is everyone's guide to optimizing the quality of garden ...

Medicinal Perennials to Know and Grow

Growing your own medicine is empowering—learn how with plant activists Dan Jason and Rupert Adams.

Many common, easy-to-grow plants can energize or soothe, stimulate the immune system, aid in sleep or ...

Le jardin vivrier

Living by your convictions: that’s the choice Marie-Thé made roughly thirty years ago when she launched her food self-sufficiency and no-till gardening venture in the north of Quebec. Divided by month, ...

Potager du jardinier paresseux

This series from the lazy gardener, Larry Hodgson, browses through gardening topics for the amateur. He explains briefly his techniques for minimal care and presents multiple vegetables to grow in your ...

Les semis du jardinier paresseux

By (author) Larry Hodgson
Categories: Gardening
Series: Le jardinier paresseux

For the home gardener, growing plants from seed is as much a pleasure as a challenge. In this simple and concise book, Larry Hodgson, the “Lazy Gardener,” shares all his secrets on growing plants ...

Les plantes d'intérieur

By (author) Larry Hodgson
Categories: Indoor gardening

The cultivation of indoor plants fascinates you, but you don’t know where to start? This is the ideal book to help you get started. In a text that is easy to understand, Larry Hodgson explains the culture ...

Jardiner à l'intérieur, sur la terrasse et au balcon

By (author) Hélène Baril
Categories: Gardening

A container garden, indoor or outdoor, is a living work that needs the attention and special care that only a passionate gardener can provide. Like all gardening techniques, growing plants in containers ...

Les coups de coeur du jardinier paresseux

By (author) Larry Hodgson
Categories: Gardening

Larry Hodgson, le jardinier paresseux, a encore mis l’épaule à la roue pour pondre un livre qui fascinera les jardiniers amateurs. Cette fois-ci, ses plantes préférées sont à l’honneur : vivaces, ...


By (author) Larry Hodgson
Categories: Gardening
Series: Le jardinier paresseux

Les idées du jardinier paresseux Cette nouvelle série issue de la plume du jardinier paresseux, Larry Hodgson, offre un survol rapide de sujets d’intérêt pour les jardiniers amateurs. Rapidement ...