Ethics and moral philosophy

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Rise of the Necrofauna

By (author) Britt Wray
Foreword by George Church
Categories: Ethics and moral philosophy
Series: David Suzuki Institute

What happens when you try to recreate a woolly mammoth—fascinating science, or conservation catastrophe? In this provocative and enlightening book, Britt Wray explores the controversial new science ...

The Ethical Imagination

Science and technology force us to ask some of the most challenging and unprecedented ethical questions in the world today. These issues encompass what it means to be human, how we relate to others and ...

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care bridges the gap between theoretical and public policy analysis in revealing why Canadian social policy is lacking and how it could be made more effective and robust ...


What is a hypocrite? What role does hypocrisy play in our lives? Why is it thought to be such an ugly vice? Is it ever acceptable? What do we lose in our indifference to it?

Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations ...

A State of Minds

What happens when the world changes in ways that make Canada’s physical capital, natural resources, and geography - once the ultimate competitive advantages - less important than knowledge, information, ...