Disability: social aspects

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By (author) Dustin Galer
Foreword by Judy Rebick
Categories: Disability: social aspects

Beryl Potter was a reserved working-class mother of three living a decent life, or so it seemed, when a harmless slip and fall marked the unravelling of everything that she had known about herself and ...

Letters with Smokie

Leave it to a dog to put the “human” back in “humanities”

In September 2020, Rod Michalko wrote to friend and colleague Dan Goodley, congratulating him on the release of his latest book, Disability ...

Land of Many Shores

Seeing through the eyes of others brings new perspective on the place we call home.


In Land of Many Shores, writers share their perspectives about life in Newfoundland and Labrador from often- neglected ...

About Canada: Disability Rights, 2nd ed.

In the second edition of About Canada: Disability Rights, Deborah Stienstra explores the historical and current experiences of people with disabilities in Canada, as well as the policy and advocacy responses ...

Unleash Different

Unleash Different illustrates how companies like Google, PepsiCo, and Nordstrom are attracting people with disabilities as customers and as employees. Rich gives the reader a peek into how he rose from ...