Non-graphic and electronic art forms

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Créativités autochtones actuelles au Québec

Les Premiers peuples issus du territoire nommé Québec connaissent depuis quelques années un rayonnement culturel considérable. En fait preuve cet ouvrage qui rassemble des témoignages et des comptes ...

Narratology in Practice

By (author) Mieke Bal
Categories: Performance art

This companion to the international classic Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative makes the well-known theory useful not only in literary studies, but in other disciplines in the humanities ...

Sculpture in Canada

By (author) Maria Tippett
Categories: Sculpture

Found in public spaces and parks, art galleries and university buildings, along riverbanks as well as in city squares, private gardens and even underwater, Canadian sculpture encompasses a range of materials ...

Tar Wars

Tar Wars offers a critical inside look at how leading image-makers negotiate escalating tensions between continuous economic growth mandated by a globalized economic system and its unsustainable environmental ...

Art of Immersive Soundscapes

What is an immersive soundscape? It can be as simple as a recording made in a forest: leaves crunching underfoot, birds chirping, a squirrel chattering. Or it can be as complex as a movie soundtrack, ...