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Translation Grants and Awards (International)

By Elina Taillon Date: November 23, 2023

Where can Canadian publishers obtain funding for the translation of international works? In a world rich in diverse literary traditions and voices, translation is a gateway to new perspectives, captivating stories, and a deeper understanding of global cultures. Making this literature available to Canadian readers across languages can benefit all publishers involved, as well as their respective literary scenes.

In the fourth installment of our translation series, we have gathered a targeted list of grants, awards, and other resources that may help facilitate the translation and import of international works into Canadian markets.



  • Jabuti Award (Brazil)
    • Awarded by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the Jabuti Award is given to Brazilian authors for literary merit. In 2017, the Brazilian Book Published Abroad category was introduced, intended for works whose copyright was sold to a foreign publisher.

Further Resources

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