Table of contents

2) Overview of the book 2) Historical perspective Native peoples displacement and the building of Montreal- Eric Pouliot Thisdale Nature and the City 3) Green Spaces -Patrick Bernard 4) Environment and the City- Joey El Khoury- 5) Le Planete S’invite- Mobilization and the environment – Samuel 6) Crisis and Inequality :Montreal’s COVID-19 Epidemic- Elizabeth Leier Moving in the City 7) Urban Transport Gagnon and Lefebvre 8) Urban Transit Bikes -Statement from Claire Morrissette from 1990 9) Free Public Transit -Jason Prince 10) Biking and neighbourhood calming in Montreal- Bartek Komorowski Planning the City 11) Frameworks for planning and its limits- Cedric Yargeau 12) Planning from Below- Ron Rayside 13) Place Making Planning and development of Chabanel as case of planning and private development – Norma Rantisi and Mostafa Henaway Perspectives on Economic Development 14) Social economy -Jason Prince 15) Gig and Sharing Economies Jason Prince 16) The City as Sweatshop- Mostafa Henaway Housing 17) Coop housing-history and direction- Jake Ryan 18) Current Housing Alternatives- Upping the Anti - Allan Gaudrault*** 19) Tenants and the city -Jon Milton Governing the City 20) Participation and Consultation- Eric Shragge 21) Governance -Linda Guylai Social Justice and the City- Building Counter-Power 22) Race and Policing -Robin Maynard 23) First Peoples and the city- Chris Reid*** 24) Beyond the tradition municipal boundaries $15 and hour campaign and , sanctuary city -Cheolki Yoon Fighting Back Building Counter Power Uppity ‘Hoods 25) Milton Park- Nathan McDonnell 26) Pointe St Charles Jocelyne Bernier and Cedric Glorioso-Deraiche 27) Montreal North Rushdia Mehreen, Mzwandile Poncana and Will Prosper 28) Conclusion…Counter- Power, alternatives and municipal government


Montreal has a long history of militant municipalism: the emergence and repression of the FRAP, the rise and fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement and its left opposition, the rise and eclipse of Ecology Montreal, and the Democratic Coalition. Projet Montreal appeared to be carrying forward this tradition. However, in advance of the 2021 municipal elections in Montreal, much has changed. The editors gathered over 20 activists, actors, and thinkers to address the major themes facing the city: housing, green spaces, transportation, labour, and social justice.