A rainy day in spring is the perfect time for the snail family to go out on a picnic. Carrying a basket of provisions and some toys, the snails set off under the most delightful downpour. But no sooner have they started that the clouds lift to make way for sparkling sunshine. Oh, no! Their picnic is ruined! Fortunately, young Margaux finds a way to save the day and before long, the family is nibbling on lettuce and berries under the shelter of a lovely raspberry bush.


  • Runner-up, IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award - Best New Voice Children's / Young Adult 2022


A delightful change in perspective creates this whimsical tale of snails enjoying a rainy day picnic--until the sun comes out and ruins it! Not to worry, though, because just as Mommy and Daddy snail are all packed up and ready to head home, little Margot finds the perfect damp spot for her family to picnic and play. Delporte alters familiar rain-themed nursery rhymes to suit the snails' point of view and Sebastià's close-up illustrations bring readers amusingly into the story as though they were a member of the snail family too. Upbeat and engaging, this lighthearted picnic tale is sure to make readers smile, groan, giggle, and sigh with delight
at the ending.
Classroom Connections: Great for read-alouds, early independent readers, studying point-of-view in texts, and as part of a spring reading library.
Reading Comprehension Strategies: Making Predictions, Asking Questions, Making Connections, Transforming.

- Amanda Forbes