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An enterprising rat discovers the joy of being true to himself

At the park, people give squirrels free peanuts. And nobody screams when a squirrel crosses their path. But for Rat, it’s all screams and ...

The Treasure Hunt

Margot and Leo Snail celebrate the end of their school year, with a treasure hunt full of twists and turns in the midst of colorful autumn.

Fall season is here! Which means that Margot and Leo Snail will ...

Steve, A Pretty Exceptional Horse

The first installment in a hilarious early graphic novel series, based on Kelly Collier's popular picture book introducing the one and only (just ask him!) Steve the Horse.

Steve the Horse wants to be ...

The Weedflower

A modern schoolyard fable about nature’s magical ability to encourage imagination, play, and joy—and a dandelion’s ability to always grow back

One day on the gray school playground, Sam notices something ...

The Outsmarters

What can you do when the adult world lets you down?

Suspended from school and prone to rages, twelve-year-old Kate finds her own way to get on with her life, despite the messed-up adults around her. Her ...

Caillou: My Book of Feelings

By (author) Dominique Payette
Illustrated by WildBrain
Translated by Flavie Boivin-Côté
Categories: Children’s / Teenage fiction: General fiction
Series: Caillou

Learn about emotions with Caillou

Discover emotions with Caillou. Joy, fear, anger, surprise...children experience a range of emotions every day, often several at the same time, and they sometimes find ...

The Little Prince Plants a Seed

A great way to teach little ones how to care for plants and play an active role in the cycle of life. 


On his planet, The Little Prince looks after his friend the rose. This charming picture book teaches ...

Crocodile Should Never Skip Breakfast, A

A wickedly funny cautionary tale about the perils of missing the most important meal of the day!

Croc is running late for his shift as the river ferry. No time for breakfast. He'll pick up some donuts ...

Age 16

“Moving and emotional.” —Victoria Ying, Harvey Award–winning author of Hungry Ghost

Crucial.” —Deb JJ Lee, creator of In Limbo

Beautiful.” —Fiona Smyth, illustrator of Sex Is a Funny ...

The Pie Reports

“Discusses illness and depression with gentleness that helps make the big feelings that can go with them less overwhelming. Touching and playful illustrations complement a story that handles themes ...