EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) species are evolutionarily unique, which means if they don’t survive, there will be no similar species left on Earth. But all hope is not lost. EDGE researchers are working hard to locate, create awareness of, and ensure a safe future for these special creatures. In Animals at the EDGE, readers will meet some of these intrepid scientists and follow them on expeditions that take them to the limits of the Earth — from the heights of the Cyclops Mountains in Papua, New Guinea to the depths of China’s Yangtze River, to the forests of Haiti, and across the vast stretches of the Gobi Desert. These extraordinary creatures include the long-beaked echidna, a rare spine-covered mammal with relatives that date back to dinosaur times; the long-eared jerboa, a big-eared mouse-sized creature that hops like a kangaroo; and the tiny bumblebee bat, so small it can fit on a fingertip. The animals are part of the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence project, a global conservation program started to highlight these unique creatures so they do not silently disappear from our world forever.


If you love to read and are interested in endangered animals, this is the book for you.

- KNOW Magazine

The colorful design, the weird and fascinating creatures and the human connection between scientist and reader make Animals at the EDGE a great addition to personal and library collections.

- CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

The combination of scientist profiles and excellent animal photographs may well inspire some future conservationists.

- Kirkus Reviews

Fabulous photos of scarce, strange and, often, sweet-looking animals and intimate glimpses of the young scientists who are working to save them make this exciting look at work of the Zoological Society of London's EDGE of Existence Program an engaging introduction to the science of conservation.


Gorgeous photography on every page enhances this excellent book that not only warns young readers about the plight of endangered animals, but also teaches them about what they can do to promote conservation.

- Midwest Book Review

An attractive book that gives a good introduction to some of the people and animals of the EDGE project. It will provide interesting reading for the animal-loving child and perhaps inspire some to think about biology and conservation as a career.

- Canadian Children's Book News

… marvelous photographs and descriptions help bring the creatures to life. ..but what sets this book apart most is its tone. ..The effect is to get the reader excited about science, and the hope it offers for the future.

- Quill & Quire

The content in the book is written in digestible chunks in 'kid-friendly,' 'you-centered' language. ..Unlike other books that 'preach' about conservation, this book shows kids WHY it's important to take care of the Earth.

- The Well-Read excellent resource for those interested in science and could encourage the young zoologist. ..this book offers a wake up for the world filled with information about little known creatures that could never be known if it wasn't for these scientists and this program.

- Resource Links

[Jonathan Baillie and Marilyn Baillie] shine a little light on several of the world's rarest and most endangered species. ..[and] with the aid of numerous photographs of these creatures and their habitats, and lively text introduce readers to rare mammals like the Attenborough's long-beaked echidna.

- The Globe and Mail