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By (author) Nancy Vo
Illustrated by Nancy Vo
Categories: Early years: the body and the senses

A cheeky celebration of boobies!

“You have just opened a book about boobies.” Meet the Blue-footed Booby, who does not have any boobies at all, since only mammals have boobies. We learn that mammals ...

Global Ocean, The

The global ocean is in trouble. This beautiful and important book explores the issues --- and what we can do to help.

Though we think of Earth's five oceans as separate and distinct, they are actually ...

Sky Wolf's Call

From healing to astronomy to our connection to the natural world, the lessons from Indigenous knowledge inform our learning and practices today.

How do knowledge systems get passed down over generations? ...

Journey Around the Sun

This story of Halley’s Comet, told from the comet’s own perspective, ties the history of the renowned astronomical phenomenon of Halley’s return every 75 years with our own human history. A variety ...

Join the No-Plastic Challenge!

Learn about the problem of single-use plastic—and what to do about it. On his birthday, Nick challenges his friends to spend the day without using any single-use plastic. This means they bring their ...

Bat Citizens

An introduction to the exciting world of bats! Ten young “bat citizens” who are invested in conservation efforts to save this important species are highlighted. Complete with index, glossary, and ...

Moving Math

Moving Math is a resource that focuses on “moving” the teaching and learning of mathematics by shifting instruction and assessment practices. The book describes how using key thinking skills helps ...

The Four Roles of the Numerate Learner

By (author) Mary Fiore & Maria Luisa Lebar
Categories: Teacher training

Discover an integrated approach to numeracy that borrows from literacy frameworks to effectively teach math.

This timely book builds on our current understanding of how to effectively teach mathematics, ...

Teaching Crowds

In Teaching Crowds, Dron and Anderson introduce a new model for understanding and exploiting the pedagogical potential of Web-based technologies, one that rests on connections―on networks and collectives―rather ...


By (author) Kevin Bird & Kirk Savage
Categories: Teacher training

The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy for Education) is a teacher-developed tool that uses numeracy and performance standards to assess student understanding of math concepts, and plan timely and targeted ...