Archaeology and the Indigenous Peoples of the Maritimes

By (author) Michael Deal
Categories: Social Science
Publisher: Memorial University Press
Paperback : 9781990445118, 284 pages, November 2023

Table of contents


vi | List of Tables

vi | List of Vignettes

vii | List of Figures

xiii | Acknowledgements

xvii | A Comment on Terminology

xix | Foreword by Roger Lewis

1 | Traditional Context

21 | Practising Archaeology in the Maritimes

63 | The Why and How Questions

97 | Peopling a New Land

129 | The Long Ago People

185 | The Clay Pot People

247 | The Prophecy

279 | References Cited

343 | Index


In recent decades, the development of Indigenous Archaeology has prompted a shift in how non-Indigenous archaeologists approach the archaeological record, moving toward the inclusion of Indigenous reconstructions of precontact history communicated through oral tradition and traditional practices. Drawing mainly on research conducted since the late 1950s, this book surveys the historical perspective, theory, and methodology of maritime archaeology and offers insight on the lives of the Palaeo (Ancient), Archaic (Long Ago), and Woodland (Clay Pot) peoples. Looking to provide answers to where the earliest inhabitants of the Maritimes came from, what the area was
like when they were there, and how they developed their technology and expanded their populations, Archaeology and the Indigenous Peoples of the Maritimes provides a retrospective look at the precontact period and how precontact cultures changed as they encountered neighbouring Indigenous peoples and finally European colonists.


Studies of Indigenous knowledge are challenging not only because of difficulties in cross-cultural communication and understanding but also because of their inevitable political dimensions…This publication serves to help narrow those gaps for future young Mi’kmaw scholars and academics. It also forms a valuable addition to the existing body of knowledge and will serve as a great resource to both Mi’kmaw and non-Mi’kmaw readers in the Atlantic Region.

- Roger Lewis, Foreword