As If by Accident

A Novel

By (author) Julie Johnston
Categories: Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items
Publisher: Key Porter Books
Paperback : 9781552637876, July 2006


The Alice Munro of Canadian childrens publishing makes her stunning debut in adult fiction with As If by Accident, a story about two people whose lives become intertwined by a series of unexpected circumstances. When Val Hudson discovers her husband of 11 years is killed in a car accident, the life she once knew comes to an end. Struggling with guilt and grief, she searches her past for meaning. Enter Gus, a screenwriter turned novelist, who bases his second book on Vals story after reading about it in a local newspaper. Through a series of coincidences, their lives intersect and chance encounters turn into fortuitous twists of fate.Governor Generals Award-winning author Julie Johnston skillfully weaves together the lives of two people touched by tragedy. As If by Accident is an impressive debut novel written with gentle wit and grace from a masterful storyteller.