Becoming Inummarik

Men's Lives in an Inuit Community

By (author) Peter Collings
Categories: Social Science
Series: McGill-Queen's Indigenous and Northern Studies
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773543133, 424 pages, March 2014

A critical look at how Inuit men balance traditional values and social circumstances to find their place in the contemporary Arctic.


What does it mean to become a man in the Arctic today? Becoming Inummarik focuses on the lives of the first generation of men born and raised primarily in permanent settlements. Forced to balance the difficulties of schooling, jobs, and money that are a part of village life with the conflicting demands of older generations and subsistence hunting, these men struggle to chart their life course and become inummariit — genuine people.


“Anyone interested in men and maleness, coming of age, ethnographic methods and ethics, hunting societies, Inuit culture, and the contemporary Arctic will be richly rewarded by reading Becoming Inummarik. ” American Anthroplogist

"Not since Jean Briggs' Never in Anger has an ethnography been so open and honest with the trials and tribulations of conducting anthropological research in a small, close-knit community in the North. Collings provides details of community life that are authentic, intimate, and insightful; his candour and clarity in describing the everyday life of cultural anthropologists doing fieldwork is poignant and gripping. " Edmund Searles, associate professor of anthropology, Bucknell University