Beginners Guide to Minerals & Rocks

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Beginner’s Guide to Minerals and Rocks is the most comprehensive, full-colour guide to rocks and minerals for beginner rock hounds all over the world.

As curator of minerals at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Joel Grice has brought the museum’s collection to world-class status through astute purchases and annual collecting trips all over the world. Joel brings an unequalled enthusiasm and love of geology to this, his second popularization book.

As we learn more and more about our country’s natural resources, it becomes that much more important that Beginners Guide to Minerals and Rocks be added to our bookshelves.

Joel D. Grice’s fascination and enthusiasm for collecting minerals began as a youngster after visits to the Royal Ontario Museum. He received his master’s and Ph. D from the University of Manitoba. During his career he received numerous awards but perhaps his highest recognition was in 1995 when he was elected chairman of the IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. He is the author of Famous Mineral Locations of Canada.


"For someone who is just starting out in the mineral hobby, this text is most useful. It is the kind of book every mineral club should have on its library and make accessible to all collectors. "
Rock & Gem magazine