Table of contents

Jason Ryle

Donia Popescu

For Iktomi

Introduction: Decolonizing the Web
Steven Loft

1. My Post–Indian Technological Autobiography
Jackson 2 Bears

2. Indigenism: Aboriginal World Views as Global Protocol
Archer Pechawis

3. A Better Dance and Better Prayers: Systems, Structures, and the Future Imaginary in Aboriginal New Media
Jason Edward Lewis

4. Documentative: Inclusivity and the Ethics of Interactive Documentary in an Indigenous and Participatory Context
Stephen Foster

5. If History Moves at the Speed of Its Weapons…
Candice Hopkins

6. Codetalkers Recounting Signals of Survival
Cheryl L’Hirondelle

7. Mediacosmology
Steven Loft


This collection of essays provides a historical and contemporary context for Indigenous new media arts practice in Canada. The writers are established artists, scholars, and curators who cover thematic concepts and underlying approaches to new media from a distinctly Indigenous perspective. Through discourse and narrative analysis, the writers discuss a number of topics ranging from how Indigenous worldviews inform unique approaches to new media arts practice to their own work and specific contemporary works. Contributors include: Archer Pechawis, Jackson 2Bears, Jason Edward Lewis, Steven Foster, Candice Hopkins, and Cheryl L’Hirondelle.



Coded Territories takes the reader on a journey through time, story and imagination that joins past, present and future . . . powerful, absorbing and challenging.

—Terry Huffman, ALTERNATIVE


This book directs our attention to the ways of knowing, logics, beliefs and traditions that drive uniquely Indigenous visions . . . It offers important lessons to help us collectively navigate the evolving landscape of the network society.

—Rob McMahon, BC Studies


Not to be missed!

Centre for Imaginative Ethnography