Communities, Development, and Sustainability across Canada

By (author) John T. Pierce & Ann Dale
Categories: Nature
Series: Sustainability and the Environment
Publisher: UBC Press
Hardcover : 9780774807227, 320 pages, June 1999

Table of contents

Figures, Tables, and Maps

Preface: The Importance of Community / Hon. Clifford Lincoln,

Introduction / Ann Dale


1. Sustainable Development Begins at Home: Community Solutions to
Global Problems / Marcia Nozick


2. Social Evolution and Urban Systems: Directions for Sustainability
/ Robert Woollard and William Rees


3. Systemic Crisis in Rural Newfoundland: Can the Outports Survive?
/ Rosemary E. Ommer and Peter R. Sinclair

4. Community Change in Context / Christopher R. Bryant

5. Northern Communities and Sustainable Development in Canada's
North / Timothy McTiernan

6. Sustainable Communities and Sustainable Agriculture on the
Prairies / Michael E. Gertler

7. The Canadian Pacific Salmon Fishery: Issues in Resource and
Community Sustainability / Richard Schwindt

8. Incorporating Postproductivist Values into Sustainable Community
Processes / Alison Gill and Maureen Reed

9. Natural Capital and Social Capital: Implications for Sustainable
Community Development / Mark Roseland

10. The Civic State, Civil Society, and the Promotion of Sustainable
Development / Bryan H. Massam and Jill Dickinson

Assessing Progress

11. Concepts, Cosmologies, and Commitment: Using Biodiversity
Indicators in Critical Zones Models / Thomas C. Meredith


12. Making Communities the Strong Link in Sustainable Development /
John T. Pierce




What is a sustainable community? The pressing need to answer this
simple question is what prompted John Pierce and Ann Dale to gather the
essays in this volume. Communities, Development, and Sustainability
across Canada is a timely synthesis of work on how Canadian
communities can achieve sustainable development. It bridges the gap
between theory and praxis and brings together academics, policy makers,
and community activists, all of whom have argued for increased local
participation in sustainable community development. Communities have
become the weak link in efforts to refashion relations between the
environment and the economy. The goal of this book is not simply to
describe problems but also to suggest answers, not simply to offer
theory but also to promote action, so that Canadian communities can
better achieve sustainable development.