Feminists and Party Politics

By (author) Lisa Young
Categories: Politics and government, Society and Social Sciences
Publisher: UBC Press
Hardcover : 9780774807739, 260 pages, April 2000

Table of contents

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1. Theorizing Feminist Strategy and Party Responsiveness

2. Partisan Engagement: American Feminists and Party Politics

3. Power Is Not Electoral: Canadian Feminists and Party Politics

4. Polarization: American Parties Respond

5. Moderate Endorsement: Canadian Parties Respond

6. Can Feminists Transform Party Politics?

Appendix: Data Sets and Scales





In Feminists and Party Politics, the author examines the
effort to bring feminism into the formal political arena through
established political parties in Canada and the United States.

Two major sets of questions lie at the heart of this book. First,
how have movement organizations approached partisan and electoral
politics? To what extent have they tried to change parties? Second, how
have parties themselves responded to the mobiliation of feminism?
Young’s suggestive research — based on numerous interviews and
archival and documentary material — makes a significant contribution
to the study of gender politics.