“Forever – we’ve been doing it absolutely forever!”

Bump has been longing to play in the annual Christmas Classic – his family’s annual hockey game – for what feels like forever. A tradition begun many years ago by Bump’s Grampa and the uncles, the Christmas Classic is the family’s annual hockey game played by everyone in the family. Everyone but Bump that is. Even his sister Poodle takes part. When Gramma measures him against the kitchen doorframe, Bump doesn’t quite meet the height requirements.

Then comes that magical year, when Grampa announces, “Tomorrow, the Christmas Classic welcomes a new player. ” Bump knows his time has come. Bump prays that he won’t make a fool of himself, that he will play as well as he always has in his dreams. Maybe he will even be named the Most Valuable Player and have his name engraved on the Christmas Classic trophy.

When the game is finally played, Grampa and Bump combine for the final goal in a moment that Bump will remember forever.

But that’s not the end of Bump’s story. What follows elevates Bump’s story to the realm of myth and legend, the cementing of a tradition that will warm the hearts of countless readers and live on forever.


"Forever is not only about hockey, but about time, family, and love. And when read aloud (in segments) to a holiday gathering sufficiently lubricated with hot chocolate or beer, it will surely succeed in restoring some of that long-lost Christmas glow. "
Quill & Quire

"A touching coming-of-age tale that will get even the toughest hockey fan teary-eyed. "

"In a simple story, in his always deeply personal way, the author uses his remarkable ability to make us understand, evoking as he does, every hockey lover's touchstone. "
Ken Dryden

"It is a story of Christmas traditions which many readers, young and old, will relate to. Brian Deines' giant illustrations are a wonderful compliment to the text and portray the essence of the Canadian winter and the national winter sport of amateurs and professionals alike.
"This is not just a story book for young readers. This is a book for all ages to share over and over again during the Christmas season. It deserves to be in every school and public library and will make a wonderful Christmas gift for many ages. "
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"Forever tugs on readers' emotions in much the same way the Robert Munsch classic Love You Forever does, except it's fleshed out with that most Canadian heartbeat, hockey. It's about as poignant as a hockey book can be. Goal!. "
Hamilton Spectator