Fox moves on quick and elegant feet through the terror and exhilaration of Winnipeg’s 1919 General Strike, the most turbulent period of the city’s history. In a novel of remarkably vivid, kinetic power, the collision of the wealthy and working classes after the First World War becomes a backdrop for the heady conflict between desire and human idealism. First published in 1991, the new 2nd edition features a critical essay by Alison Calder that examines the impact of Fox and its contribution to the landscape of Canadian literature.


"Fox is a book one dreams of reading. It moves with elegant surprises, with cold passion, through the intricacies of love and language and politics. The Winnipeg General Strike becomes an alchemist's retort in which lives are transformed by the infinite varieties of desire. Margaret Sweatman speaks wonders from a world we thought we knew. "- Robert Kroetsch