Frank Underhill and the Politics of Ideas

By (author) Kenneth C. Dewar
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773545205, 232 pages, March 2015


Frank Underhill (1889-1971) practically invented the role of public intellectual in English Canada through his journalism, essays, teaching, and political activity. He became one of the country’s most controversial figures in the middle of the twentieth century by confronting the central political issues of his time and by actively working to reform the Canadian political landscape. Intelligently written and thoroughly researched, Frank Underhill and the Politics of Ideas delivers important insights into twentieth-century political life and innumerable lessons for twenty-first-century Canada.


“This is a valuable book, both for what it says about Underhill’s ideas and their development, and for what it reveals about the context in which they developed. An important part of its value, however, lies in its demonstration of the relevance of those

“[This] fine book reminds us of an important strand in our political and intellectual tradition, one that seems far removed from the cynical politics of the Harper era. ” The Chronicle Herald

“Frank Underhill was one of the best-known and most influential academic figures of his time. Dewar draws on Underhill’s life, thought, and career to reveal what he calls ‘a window on the intellectual landscape of twentieth-century Canada. ’ He succeeds admirably. ” Brian McKillop, Carleton University