Union Learning

Canadian Labour Education in the Twentieth Century

By (author) Jeffery Taylor
Categories: Education
Publisher: Thompson Educational Publishing
Paperback : 9781550771176, 280 pages, December 2000


Over 100,000 Canadian workers participate annually in educational programs conducted by their union or the broader labour organizations to which their union belongs. Union-based education is the most significant non-vocational education available to working people. This activity has been going on for decades, and Jeffery Taylor’s Union Learning: Canadian Labour Education in the Twentieth Century is the first comprehensive history of it. Union Learning chronicles the rise and decline of the Workers’ Educational Association, the development of internal union educational programs, the consolidation of the Canadian Labour Congress’s educational system after 1956, the origin and growth of the Labour College of Canada, and the patchy history of university and college involvement in labour education. Taylor argues that a new emphasis on broad-based and activist education today promises to rekindle the sense of an educational movement that was present in the labour movement in the 1930s and 1940s. The book includes a number of illustrative sidebars and photographs. He has developed a website containing images, video and other materials related to the history of labour education in Canada: http://unionlearning. athabascau. ca.