Homer in Flight

By (author) Rabindranath Maharaj
Categories: Fiction
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions
Paperback : 9780864922205, 323 pages, April 1997


Hilarious and poignant, Homer in Flight draws a brilliant picture of a chronic malcontent roving from high-rise to housing development along the 401 and the QEW. Homer remains utterly displaced, not because of what other people do or don’t do, but because he lives in his imagination instead of embracing an imperfect but fairly benign reality.


"Intelligent, ironic and emotionally honest. "

- <i>Blood & Aphorisms</i>

"The effect is like laughing while you're bleeding to death. "

- <i>Vancouver Sun</i>

"The beginning of something quite new in the literature of journeys and arrivals. "

- Kenneth Ramchaud

"A remarkable achievement . . . Maharaj's characters are vivid and entertaining; Dickensian, in a word. "

- <i>Toronto Star</i>

"His hope is infectious; his skill is a pleasure . . . a real awakening. "

- <i>Books in Canada</i>

"A novel of many pleasures . . . A talented and confident writer who has produced a work of unsparing vision and compassion that stays true to the people who inhabit it . . . A rivetting portrait of the immigrant tragedy. "

- <i>Globe and Mail</i>