House of Mirrors

Justin Trudeau's Foreign Policy

Table of contents

Table of Contents
The Ugly Canadian II — Introduction
1. The Sun Never Sets on Canadian Military — Hard Power
2. The Canadian Munroe Doctrine — Down South
3. Loving monarchies, hating Palestinians — Middle East
4. Commies No More, But … Russian Bogeyman
5. The Asian Contradiction — China and North Korea
6. Buddies with Africa’s most ruthless dictator — Curious Case of Kagame
7. Climate Criminal — Spewing Carbon Dioxide
8. Same Old, Same Old — Business Above All Else
9. Ugly Canadian Abroad — Mining Exploitation
10. House of Mirrors — Judge What I Say, Not What I Do
11. It’s the system dummy — Conclusion


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presents himself as progressive on foreign affairs. According to Trudeau, he and his Liberals have brought Canada back after the disastrous Conservative government under Stephen Harper. In House of Mirrors, Yves Engler asks probing questions and demonstrates that the opposite is true: Trudeau, he argues, largely continued Harper’s foreign policy.


"Canada’s foremost archaeologist of hidden secrets and malevolent actions Yves Engler in his new book, House of Mirrors, shows precisely why Canada did not get a seat on the UN Security Council. His aptly chosen metaphor—the 'house of mirrors'—captures the huge discrepancy between the Trudeau government’s public face, smiling and smug, and its ugly and exaggerated distorted image in reality."