Human Security and the New Diplomacy

Protecting People, Promoting Peace


Written by diplomatic practitioners, Human Security and the New Diplomacy is a straightforward account of challenges already overcome and the prospect for further progress. From the evolution of peace-keeping, to peacebuilding, humanitarian intervention, war-affected children, international humanitarian law, the International Criminal Court, the economic agendas of conflict, transnational crime, and the emergence of connectivity and a global civil society, the authors offer new insights into the importance of considering these issues as part of a single agenda. Human Security and the New Diplomacy is a case-study of a major Canadian foreign policy initiative and a detailed account of the first phase of the human security agenda. The story of Canada’s leading role in promoting a humanitarian approach to international relations, it will be of interest to foreign policy specialists and students alike. Contributors include David Angell, Alan Bones, Michael Bonser, Terry Cormier, Patricia Fortier, Bob Fowler, Elissa Goldberg, Mark Gwozdecky, Sam Hanson, Paul Heinbecker, Eric Hoskins, Don Hubert, David Lee, Dan Livermore, Jennifer Loten, Rob McRae, Valerie Ooterveld, Victor Rakmil, Darryl Robinson, Jill Sinclair, Michael Small, Ross Snyder, Carmen Sorger, and Roman Waschuk.


"This is an authoritative guide to the human security agenda that Canada has made the hallmark of its foreign policy. It's all here--the campaign to ban land-mines, the painful learning of lessons from the failed peace-keeping operations of the 1990's, the attempt to develop the strategy, tactics and legal legitimacy for effective humanitarian intervention. Anyone who cares about these issues must read this book. " Michael Ignatieff, Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University "Canada can be proud of its global leadership role in conceptualising and advancing the new human security agenda. This highly readable and comprehensive book explains why. " Gareth Evans, President of the International Crisis Group and Australian Foreign Minister 1988-96 "A unique and complete collection of various aspects of human security. Human Security and the New Diplomacy makes a clear and compelling case that many issues that the world is confronted with today take on a different perspective and call for different policy instruments when viewed from the overarching objective of protecting human security. It makes a fresh contribution to the subject and will be a valuable addition to the educated general public interested in some of the key problems of human security in the world today. " Mihailo Crnobrnja, author of The Yugoslav Drama "A worthy collection. It captures an important recent turn in Canadian foreign policy and is an excellent overview of the emergence and evolution of the human security doctrine. " Charles Pentland, Political Studies, Queen's University