2012 Blue Spruce Award nominee

2011 Amelia Bloomer List nominee


2012 Blue Spruce Award nominee, 2011 Amelia Bloomer List nominee "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a prince!" says the frog. But Ella thinks that a talking frog is much more interesting than living like a princess in a castle. And during his stay with Ella and her family, Prince Frog discovers a world of fun beyond the castle gates.


"If you want your kids to love stories, to love reading, buy them this book! It is magical and funny and vividly illustrated. . . and like all the best children's stories is deep down subversive. The world of children's literature (and children themselves) will very soon be rolling out the red carpet for a frog, a prince, and an enchanting little girl named Ella. And for the genius of their creator, Heather McLeod. "
Charles Wilkins (reviewer, professor of Creative Writing at Lakehead University and the University of Manitoba)

"The pictures are fairly simple but they compliment the story well. I love how the frog pops up in every picture, even if he isn't directly involved in the story. And the expressions on Ella's face as she imagines what her life would be like as a princess are priceless. So all in all, a great book in my adult opinion. "
Kate's Bookcase

"A charming tale of friendship and the importance of child's play. "
The Calgary Herald