Look Who's Watching, Revised Edition

Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online


Look Who’s Watching confirms in vivid detail that the trust placed by users in the Internet is increasingly misplaced. Based on illustrative anecdotal evidence and analysis of new survey data, Look Who’s Watching clearly demonstrates why trust matters, how it is being eroded, and how, with care and deliberate policy action, the essential glue of the Internet can be restored.


“Hampson and Jardine provide an important guide to the way we are now dependent upon public trust in the Internet for our future economic and social life. Based on new polling data they issue an important wake-up call on the risks to public confidence ari

“Anyone who is interested in studying or understanding the evolution of the Web and the Internet should read this book. It contains a wealth of invaluable information and analysis about the changing views of Internet users, as well as a strong thesis abou

“The authors have produced a clear, timely and essential book about the importance of trust as an engine for the Internet. We must foster that trust if the global Internet is to continue to flourish.” Michael Chertoff, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Chertoff Group, and former secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security

“Fen Osler Hampson and Eric Jardine capture the complex ways in which, until now, trust has functioned as the social capital and currency of the Internet ecosystem and driven rapid adoption of digital technology. They provide insight into what we can do t