A middle-grade fantasy that follows a young boy into a magical land of mummers, sprites, fairies, and murderous pitcher plants in an attempt to save his home — and his family.

Everyone knows there are no wolves in Newfoundland.

Peter's grandfather has told him so many times. But when Peter spots a wolf-like creature in the woods one day, he isn't sure what to believe.

When Peter's grandfather dies suddenly, a strange man who calls himself Mr. Doyle comes to the funeral claiming to have known Grandpa. Mr. Doyle also claims that he can help Peter get enough gold to save his house — a house that Peter's mom can't leave without having a panic attack. Willing to do anything to save his house and help his mom, Peter soon sets out with Mr. Doyle to Lore Isle, a land of mummers, sprites, fairies, and murderous pitcher plants.

Enthralled with the fantastical island, Peter comes to realize that not all is as it seems, including the mysterious Mr. Doyle...
An imaginative debut, accented with darkly whimsical illustrations, Lore Isle is filled with magical twists and turns sure to surprise readers on every page.


"In an age of eco-anxiety, we have become accustomed to the idea that things can only get worse. Lore Isle opens a space for hope. There are no easy answers for lonely, clever, passionate Peter. Nevertheless, he embarks on a quest to transform a destructive family legacy, his integrity tested in adventures with a cast of fascinating, often ambivalent, and sometimes downright frightening characters in a magical realm. Lore Isle reminds us that the things we hate and fear aren't always what we think they are — and that the same goes for the people we love. Jiin Kim spins a kaleidoscopic tale of delightful imaginative richness, with delicately evocative illustrations. An enchanting debut."
Kate Story, Governor General's Literary Award-nominated author of Urchin

In Lore Isle, Jiin Kim has created an alternate Newfoundland that exists in a dimension not that far away from the one we know. There, ferocious mummers appear on wooden horses in a swirl of snow, wolves run free, and tree sprites, spiteful fairies and leprechauns wage war against each other and the wolves.
By cleverly weaving traditional Newfoundland folklore into her mythical island, Jiin has created a fantasy world steeped in Newfoundland culture. Her imagination soars, taking her hero, Peter, on a gruelling quest through a magical kingdom, where he discovers that his Newfoundland family history is deeply intertwined with the creatures he encounters in Lore Isle.
Jiin's eerie illustrations add to the dream-like quality of Peter's quest. A true Newfoundland fairy tale, Lore Isle has all the elements of darkness, danger, and ultimate redemption associated with classic fairy tales. A suspenseful, exciting adventure with an underlying message about the importance of biological diversity and the Newfoundland grey wolf.
Charis Cotter, author of Screech! and The Dollhouse