love, life

By (author) Bernardine Ann Teráz Stapleton
Categories: Humorous fiction, Fiction and Related items, Fiction: general and literary
Publisher: Breakwater Books
Paperback : 9781550818994, 176 pages, June 2021


Do you love life? In this hilarious frolic through the hills of Italy, our heroine discovers the past is never really gone: it runs beside us our entire lives, just waiting to bite us in the arse. Love, life is a made-up true fable about coming out, going back in, getting fat, Italian food, and stalking the Piazzo Bernardini. It’s a haunting love story, transcending decades, countries, and heartbreak.


"It’s rich, and strange, and fantastic in both senses of the word [...] even though it has moments of darkness, this little book is drenched with light."

- Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

"[love, life is] an adroit interweaving, revolving around a central hub of the necessity of self-acknowledgement [...] [an amalgam] of wry awareness, playful and painful recall, and sheer imagination."

- Joan Sullivan