The mystery in Wounded Sky First Nation continues in this heart-stopping sequel to Strangers.


Cole Harper is struggling to settle into life in Wounded Sky First Nation. He may have stopped a serial killer, but the trouble is far from over. A creature lurks in the shadows of Blackwood Forest, the health clinic is on lockdown by a mysterious organization, and long-held secrets threaten to bubble to the surface. Can Cole learn the truth about his father’s death? Why won’t Choch give him a straight answer? Where the heck is Jayne? Oh, and high school sucks. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/2Kv0FJO


  • Winner, Manitoba Book Awards 2018
  • Commended, CBC Books Best Canadian YA and Children's Literature 2018


Cole, 17, is an interesting main character caught in a web of deception and surrounded by threatening people and circumstances. One of the main themes of the book is Cole’s mental health and his need to deal with sometimes crippling anxiety. There are times he can talk himself down, times he needs medication and times that the support from his friends help him cope. Robertson speaks from personal experience, and so his portrayal of Cole is filled with realism as well as understanding and empathy.

Highly Recommended.

- Ann Ketcheson

without spoiling the ending, readers need to be prepared for David A. Robertson's plot twist...Monsters closes out with a shock and a gasp that will have readers waiting for Book Three in the series, Ghosts, to learn how Cole, the Reckoner, is able to make peace for himself and Wounded Sky. Spring 2019 can't come soon enough.

- Helen Kubiw

The so unexpected that readers will eagerly anticipate a third volume. A satisfying continuation of a moody, stylish series.

- Kirkus Reviews