Musique autiste

vivre et composer avec le syndrome d'Asperger : essai/témoignage


In November 2007, the author and composer Antoine Ouellette was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. In this book, he offers an intimate look at his life as well as a guided tour of the world of autism. He also seeks to give hope to anyone who has been marginalized by society by heightening public awareness of the still taboo topic : “the insanity”.

After completing a B. A. in Biology, Antoine Ouellette has turned his attention to music. In 2006, he obtained a Ph. D. in artistic studies and practices (UQÀM). After finishing his thesis, he published Le chant des oyseaulx (2008) and Musique autiste. Vivre et composer avec le syndrome d’Asperger (2011). Since then, he has given many interviews, conferences, and workshops on autism. Being a musicologist, he teaches music history and musicology at the UQAM Music Faculty. Lastly, as an Associate Composer, he wrote over forty scores. Musique autiste was a finalist for the Hubert-Reeves Award in 2012. The book Le chant des oyseaulx received special mention from the Société des écrivains francophones d’Amérique’s Non-fiction Award 2009.