No Fury Like That

By (author) Lisa de Nikolits
Categories: Magical realism, Fantasy, Fiction and Related items
Series: Inanna Poetry & Fiction Series
Publisher: Inanna Publications & Education Inc.
Paperback : 9781771334136, 320 pages, September 2017


No Fury Like That is a literary thriller about life and death—and the power of second chances. What is your moral compass? Julia Redner has to die in order to find her answer to this question. But is she really dead or is she being given the opportunity to rethink her life while solving an intricate puzzle of murders? And she does not miss the opportunity to exact righteous revenge!


"Imagine if characters from The Devil Wears Prada got trapped in Sartre's play No Exit, where "hell is other people." No Fury Like That uses the lens of female souls stuck in purgatory to examine loss, love, rage, angst, and what there really is to live for. Alternately funny, melancholy, philosophical, and raunchy, it's a wild ride and another gutsy novel from de Nikolits."
-- John Oughton, author of Death by Triangulation

"Suspenseful, surprising, thrilling and at times laugh-out-loud funny, No Fury Like That takes you on page-turning ride into another world--with Lisa de Nikolits's skillful writing keeping you belted in."
--Jacqueline Kovacs, Magazine Editor, Metroland Media

"In No Fury Like That, Lisa de Nikolits gives us a version of purgatory that, while a little less grievous than Bosch's work , is no less captivating."
--subTerrian Magazine

"it's easy to see the influence of female empowerment and encouragement in this refreshing read."
--Beach Metro