Operation Masonic

A Crime Thriller

By (author) Helen C. Escott
Categories: Business & Economics
Publisher: Flanker Press
Paperback : 9781774570999, 319 pages, August 2022


The Masons' Most Worshipful Grand Master is murdered. His body, laid out in the ritualistic Chamber of Reflection at the Masonic Temple, is surrounded by centuries of secrets. Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Staff Sergeant Nicholas Myra and Constable Donna Whiffen dig through thousands of years of history, secrets, scandals, and symbols in a hunt for the killer. Their search leads them back to the Temple of Solomon and the first Masonic murder. Rumours of hidden tunnels under churches and buildings in the centre of old St. John's lead to an unbelievable hunt for a treasure at the heart of the Ecclesiastical Circle—one which a lot of people would kill for. This is the historical backdrop to Helen C. Escott's engrossing and well-researched new novel, Operation Masonic. This gripping thriller is exceedingly clever and compellingly truthful. "The killer is always the one who is not getting what they want," Staff Sgt. Myra informs his team of investigators, "who must have what they can’t have."