Possibilities and Limitations

Multicultural Policies and Programs in Canada

Table of contents

  • : Introduction: Perspectives on Multiculturalism in Canada (Carl James)
  • : Canadian Multiculturalism (Clifford Jansen)
  • : Aboriginal People and Stories of Canadian History: Investigating Barriers to Transforming Relationships (Susan Dion)
  • : Immigrants’ Integration in Canada (Patience Elabor-Idemudia)
  • : Citizens of the State but not Members of the Nation: The Politics of Language and Culture in the Construction of Minorities in Quebec (Susan Judith Ship)
  • : Multicultural Education in Canada (Carl James and Maxine Wood)
  • : A Sociocultural & Critical Analysis of Educational Policies & Programs for Minority Youth in British Columbia (June Beynon, Linda Larocque, Roumiana Ilieva and Diane Dagenais)
  • : Accommodating Religious Difference (Lois Sweet)
  • : Employment Equity in Canada: The Paradox of Tolerance and Denial (Audrey Kobayashi)
  • : The Letter: Racism, Hate and Monoculturalism in a Canadian Hinterland (Luis LM Aguiar, Patricia Tomic and Ricardo Trumper)
  • : Conclusion: Multiculturalism: A Discourse of Contradictions (Roger Saul)
  • : Bibliography