Social discrimination and equal treatment

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Fear of a Black Nation

In the 1960s, Montreal was a hotbed of radical politics that attracted Black and Caribbean figures such as C.L.R. James, Walter Rodney, Mariam Makeba, Stokely Carmichael, Rocky Jones, and Édouard Glissant. ...

Disarm, Defund, Dismantle

Canadian laws are just, the police uphold the rule of law and treat everyone equally, and without the police, communities would descend into chaos and disorder. These entrenched myths, rooted in settler-colonial ...

Black and White

By (author) Stephen Dorsey
Categories: Ethnic studies

The anticipated debut by a biracial community leader and citizen activist, exploring his lived experience of systemic racism in North America and the paths forward.
My race duality has given me a unique ...

Baldwin, Styron et moi

Mélikah Abdelmoumen explore l’amitié qui lia William Styron et James Baldwin. Le premier, un Blanc descendant de propriétaires d’esclaves, surtout connu pour son roman "Le choix de Sophie". Le ...

Seize temps noirs pour apprendre à dire kuei

Seize temps noirs pour apprendre à dire kuei raconte ces moments et ces gestes dont on ne parle pas et qui pourtant illustrent les proximités et les solidarités entre les communautés noires et autochtones ...

Identifying as Arab in Canada

By (author) Houda Asal
Translated by Mary Foster
Categories: History of the Americas

Using archival research, media analysis, laws and statistics, and a series of interviews, Asal offers a thorough examination of the institutions that Arab migrants and their descendants built, and the ...

Distorted Descent

By (author) Darryl Leroux
Categories: History of the Americas

Distorted Descent examines a social phenomenon that has taken off in the 21st century: otherwise white, French-descendant settlers in Canada shifting into a self-defined “Indigenous” identity. This ...

Rethinking Who We Are

Rethinking Who We Are takes a non-conventional approach to understanding human difference in Canada. Included are analyses on the macro differences among Canadians, such as the disparities produced from ...

Beyond Guilt Trips

By (author) Anu Taranath
Categories: Travel and holiday

Travellers can find themselves unsure about how to think or speak about the differences in race or culture that they find. Storyteller Anu Taranath begins at home, unpacking our baggage about who we are, ...