Safe Teen


By (author) Anita Roberts
Categories: Family & Relationships
Publisher: Polestar Book Publishers
Paperback : 9781896095998, June 2001


It’s alarming that adolescents-including girls-are resorting to violence to resolve disputes. Written for young women and men as well as parents and educators, Safe Teen is a timely and powerful book offering a lifelong and positive alternative to violence.
For the past 10 years, assault-prevention worker Anita Roberts has been leading a popular and effective workshop called "Safe Teen: A Life-Skills and Violence-Prevention Program," which provides adolescents with the body language and verbal skills they need to deal with peer pressure, de-escalate violence, and build self-esteem. Safe Teen offers an in-depth look at the issues and skills taught in the Safe Teen workshops, including how to access inner strength, how to deal with bullying and sexual harassment, and how to say "no" to drugs and alcohol.