She Said

By (author) Mitchell D. King
Categories: Business & Economics
Publisher: Flanker Press
Paperback : 9781774571316, 183 pages, June 2023


Mia Kennedy is a student at Holy Spirit High School with a loving family and a large group of friends. Robert Harris is a divorced trucker who works long and tough hours on the road, alone and desolate. Following one fateful night at a bar on George Street, St. John's, the two become entangled in a forbidden relationship.
Mia accuses Robert of four occurrences of sexual assault, and their relationship is dissected and put under a microscope during a three-week trial.
Is their union borne out of love? False pretenses? Violation? Spanning several years, She Said offers an intimate look into both Mia and Robert, the people in their lives who helped shape who they are, and how they came to a three-week trial at the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.