The first installment in a hilarious early graphic novel series, based on Kelly Collier's popular picture book introducing the one and only (just ask him!) Steve the Horse.

Steve the Horse wants to be exceptional ... you know, like a peacock! His friend Bob tries to reassure him that he's special, but Bob can't seem to think of anything exceptional about him. Steve is discouraged ... That is, until he finds a shiny gold horn in the forest. Obviously, somebody left this exceptional horn for him to find! He ties it to his head and prances off to show his friends. Who's exceptional now? Steve, that's who! Only, as Steve's friends make clear, dressing up and showing off are not the answer.

Adapted from Kelly Collier's much-loved picture book A Horse Named Steve, this early graphic novel will delight slightly older readers with its silly, laugh-out-loud story about self-esteem and what really makes someone special.