Testifying on Behalf of Children

A Handbook for Canadian Professionals

By (author) Robin Vogl & Nick Bala
Categories: Law
Publisher: Thompson Educational Publishing
Paperback : 9781550771268, 150 pages, March 2001


When you are called to testify in a case involving a child, you are participating in a process that may have an irreversible impact upon that child’s future. By acquiring the knowledge and skills to ensure that you are an effective witness, you may help to prevent harm to a child who has already suffered at the hands of an adult, or prevent harm of other children in the future. In some cases, you may help to ensure that the court does not make an inappropriate finding of abuse or neglect. Written by lawyers with extensive experience in the fields of child protection and Family Law, this book provides a practical guide to the Canadian legal system, the court process and testifying in court. While police officers and others regularly involved in court proceedings will find it helpful, it will be especially useful to those who only occasionally enter the courtroom world such as child-protection workers, social workers, teachers, doctors and other health-care professionals, counselors, shelter workers, psychologists, daycare, childcare or nursery school personnel, and members of the clergy.