The Badger Riot

By (author) J. A. Ricketts
Categories: Historical fiction, Fiction and Related items
Publisher: Flanker Press
Paperback : 9781897317327, 300 pages, September 2008


In 1959, the small town of Badger was the centre of a labour confrontation that forever changed the social and political landscape of Newfoundland. For two and a half months, loggers had been striking for better wages and working conditions. Led by the International Woodworkers of America (IWA), the strike reached its climax when national and provincial police forces stormed the town in an attempt to break the impasse. The Badger Riot tells the story of the deadly melee that followed. This work of fiction captures for the first time the horror of a small community of people still reeling in shock from a tragedy that could have been prevented.


  • Winner, Heritage and History Award 2010