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By (author) Stephens Gerard Malone
Categories: Historical fiction

A work of historical fiction following the prized African elephant who stole the show of the Barnum & Bailey Circus — and the hearts of people around the world — exploring exploitation, unrequited ...

In a Land without Dogs the Cats Learn to Bark

In his wildly ambitious and darkly funny debut novel, Jonathan Garfinkel probes the fractured nature of identity, the necessity of lies, and the bloody legacy of the Soviet Empire.  

Spanning generations, ...

The Russian Daughter

By (author) Sarah Klassen
Categories: Historical fiction

With the Czarist empire in turmoil, a young Mennonite couple in what is now Ukraine adopt a Russian baby. This historical novel explores themes of belonging, responsibility, and the places we call home. ...

Five Stalks of Grain

By (author) Adrian Lysenko
Illustrated by Ivanka Theodosia Galadza
Categories: Historical fiction
Series: ISSN

In 1932, as famine rages across Ukraine, the Soviet government calls for the harshest punishment for those who keep for themselves even five stalks of grain. When their mother is accused of hoarding and ...

Call Me Stan

When King Priam’s daughter was fleeing the sack of Troy, Stan was there. When Jesus of Nazareth was beaten and crucified, Stan was there, one cross over. Stan has been a Hittite warrior, a Roman legionnaire, ...

La promise du Viking

By (author) Sonia Alain
Categories: Historical fiction

Islande, en l’an 985. Après avoir échappé à des mercenaires voulant se venger de son oncle – le chef le plus important du peuple scandinave à Novgorod –, Aasa se retrouve malgré elle au Groenland, ...

Les trois femmes de Charles

À l’aube de la Révolution française, Louise travaille chez Rose Bertin, la célèbre couturière de la reine Marie-Antoinette. Elle qui avait quitté Paris deux ans plus tôt pour fuir le père de ...

The Hanged Woman’s Daughter

By (author) Nellie P. Strowbridge
Categories: Historical fiction

Award-winning author Nellie P. Strowbridge weaves a tantalizing tale of the elusive Bridget Snow, the scattering of her family by a heartless magistrate, and her attempt at anonymity—all on the heels ...

Un souvenir, mille remords

By (author) Sergine Desjardins
Categories: Historical fiction

Forcée par son père de quitter ses études, Rose Dubeau travaille à l’école de bombardement et de tir de Mont-Joli, où sont formés des aviateurs destinés à combattre les Allemands. Sa vie bascule ...

The Spoon Stealer

Emmeline has liberated hundreds of spoons over her lifetime—from the local library, Cary Grant, Winston Churchill. She is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she ...