The Food Substitutions Bible

8,000 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment and Techniques

By (author) David Joachim
Foreword by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Illustrated by Emily Isabella
Categories: Cooking
Publisher: Robert Rose
Hardcover : 9780778807063, 688 pages, September 2022


This full-color, hardcover edition features a brand-new design with a foreword by J. Kenji López-Alt, 8,000 substitutions, custom hand-drawn illustrations by Emily Isabella, and 24 new recipes, increasing the total to 188 recipes.

Have you ever been in the middle of making a meal only to discover you have run out of a key ingredient or don't own a specialty pan called for in the recipe? Or maybe, you want to create a different flavor or texture for a tried-and-true family dish by experimenting with something new and exciting.

The answer to these dilemmas? Substitute. But the internet doesn't always have reliable answers or accurate replacements. Winner of an International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award, The Food Substitutions Bible, now in an expanded, updated and revised third edition, is the authoritative guide to making substitutions in the kitchen.

In one comprehensive, easy-to-use book that's organized from A to Z, bestselling author David Joachim has compiled creative and clear options to solve cooking conundrums. Now the book offers more than 8,000 alternative ingredients, equipment and techniques plus 188 simple recipes, covering emergency substitutions, time-saving substitutions, healthy substitutions, alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients, vegan and kosher alternatives, and ideas for varying the flavor of a dish in countless ways. You'll also find over 30 ingredients charts and measurements tables to help decipher things like selecting fresh chiles according to their Scoville Heat Unit, making flour substitutions based on taste or gluten/protein content, and choosing pan size equivalents.

Don't have mirin? Use a mixture of sherry and sugar instead. Looking for a less-rich alternative to whipped cream? Evaporated milk whips up surprisingly well and makes a creamy, lower-calorie substitute you can dollop onto your favorite desserts. Can't find your fondue pot? Use a heavy stoneware dish set on a warming tray or heating pad. David gives you all the information you need to improvise with confidence at home or in a commercial kitchen.

This classic reference book is a must-have for every kitchen and a wonderful gift for every occasion.


[Review of previous edition:] Most informative... I find I am using it all the time... information about the characteristics of foods, equivalents, and measurements.

- Peg Rahn

[Review of previous edition:] This great book is packed with more than 5,000 creative solutions and fascinating info on everything from exotic ingredients to common cooking techniques.

- Lynn Nusom

[Review of previous edition:] A terrific resource... an instant must-have reference in my kitchen, and I know of nothing like it... a great way to come up with ideas.

- Dana Carpender

[Review of previous edition:] A must-have for any new cook... Joachim has added 1,500 new food and equipment substitutions, bringing the total to 6,500, plus five new tables in the appendix.... The layout is set up for quick reference and easy reading.... All cooks have found themselves in the middle of making a special dish after the stores have closed only to discover they are missing an ingredient or don't own a special pan -- this book is the answer.

- Health News Digest

[Review of previous edition:] Offering practical information and great ideas, this book is packed with creative solutions for the home kitchen as well as the commerical.

- Detroit News

[Review of previous edition:] A compendium of alternatives for everything from allspice to wild rice. (Plus antelope, alligator, bear.

- Aleta Watson

[Review of previous edition:] More than 5,000 substitutions for almost every type of food... directions for making reliable replacements.

- Sharon Thompson

[Review of previous edition:] Full of very practical information such as how to substitute different pan sizes, charts for chilies, flours and grains and oils... A must for the inquisitive cook.

- Jennifer Mackenzie

[Review of previous edition:] I do recommend 'The Food Substitutions Bible' for yourself and a copy for a friend that loves to cook.

- Irene Watson

[Review of previous edition:] This book is a must-have for the serious cook. All charts, no recipes and no prose. Useful when you need it.

- Marlene Parrish

[Review of previous edition:] Perhaps the most useful book ever written for the home cook. This encyclopedia-style book has over 6500 substitutions for ingredients, equipment and techniques. Simply look up the item you need to replace, because yet again you have gone to the grocery store and failed to remember the one thing you went in specifically to get . . .The whole book is just a wonderful and helpful endeavor. . . one of the rare books I would recommend for everyone. . . Even those people run out of eggs once in a while.

- Theresa Albert

[Review of previous edition:] [This] is one of the best resources on the subject.

- Jill Wendholt Silva

[Review of previous edition:] Packed with useful information... more than two pages of substitutes for butter alone.

- Janice Okun

[Review of previous edition:] Entries are careful, offering definitions, detailed substitutions and often including suggestion for varying flavors or boosting nutrition.

- Food Network Kitchens

[Review of previous edition:] Editor's Pick. It may not be the first book to catch your eye on the bookstore shelf, and it won't dazzle you with stunning photography or passionate prose. But The Food Substitutions Bible: More Than 6,500 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment and Techniques, 2nd Edition is one you'll use often and for which you likely will, on more than one occasion, thank author David Joachim out loud. How many times have you begun cooking only to find that you don't have everything you need? No need to throw up your hands or toss your plans. Just turn to Joachim. If you cook a lot, you'll find his classic to be a prized possession -- an indispensable guide that will save the day when you're faced with last-minute dilemmas or missing ingredients and save you from more than a few ruined meals and disappointing dinner parties.

- Kate Jackson

[Review of previous edition:] From abalone to zwieback, The Food Substitution Bible by David Joachim is one of the best resources on the subject.

- Kansas City Star

[Review of previous edition:] The answers to so many questions are found here.

- Bonnie Benwick

[Review of previous edition:] Well-researched, well-tested reference book... The guy is seriously detailed-oriented... endlessly useful.

- Andrea Clurfeld

[Review of previous edition:] A solid, useful work on using substitute ingredients and tools in the home kitchen... a clearly written and well-organized book.

- Andrea Dietze

[Review of previous edition:] If you're building a cookbook library or looking for a last-minute gift, pick up a copy of "The Food Substitutions Bible," by David Joachim. The newly released second edition has hundreds of new ideas for substitutions in the kitchen, whether the issue is cooking techniques, equipment or, of course, ingredients for recipes. (Don't like the calories in whipped cream? Evaporated milk, which whips up nicely, is a good, low-calorie alternative.) Bon appetit!

- Wall Street Journal

[Review of previous edition:] This is the book to turn to when you've found what you want to make in another cookbook but are unable or unwilling to run to the store for a special ingredient or pan.

- Kim Davaz

[Review of previous edition:] A complex, valuable guide to alternative ingredients, techniques and equipment.

- Douglas Levy

The book is extremely easy to use, and provides proof that the printed page can be more efficient than the internet.

- Florence Fabricant

[Review of previous edition:] A blessing to cooks all over... 5,000 substitutions for almost every kind of food, ingredient and measurement imaginable.

- Jo Ellen O'Hara

[Review of previous edition:] With the world pantry at our fingertips, today we need a guide; this is the hands-down best I have ever found... you need this book.

- Susan Miller

[Review of previous edition:] It is truly the bible of food substitutions and should be in every reader's kitchen. It is alphabetized from Abalone to Zugenwurst to Zwieback and includes over 600 pages and 5,000 substitutions for every ingredient, piece of equipment or technique you could ever imagine. There are even two pages of substitutions for butter!

- Sue Epstein

[Review of previous edition:] If you're out of an ingredient, want to use a healthier choice or desire to change the flavor of a recipe... this would be handy reference for any cook to keep on the bookshelf.

- Natalie Haughton