Table of contents

  • : The Poetics of Anti-Racism (G. Dei)
  • : Language, Race and Anti-Racism (G. Dei)
  • : Language, Linguistic Discrimination and Polyvocality (G. Dei & Meredith Lordan)
  • : Rethinking Displacement, Language and Cultural Shock (Awad Ibriham)
  • : Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives on their Preparedness for Multicultural/Antiracist Approaches to Teaching (Donatille Mujawamariya & Gada Mahrouse)
  • : Language Policies and Newcomers to Canada (Eve Haque & Ellen Cray)
  • : Learning in a Foreign University (Kumari Beck)
  • : Assessing the Puzzles of Specific Learning Disability Disorders and Support Services for African Refugee Students (Lantana Usman)
  • : Teachers, Conventional Knowledge, Oppression in the Classroom (Rose Baaba Folson)
  • : Inclusive Education and Anti-Racist Classroom Practice (Njoki Nathani Wane)
  • : Language, Race and the Poetics of Anti-Racism (Nuzhat Amin)


Exposing the linguistic racism that permeates vocabulary about race and equity, this book addresses the importance of unseating the sometimes unrecognized racism of everyday Language. The Contributors discuss the potential of words to prompt a real change in discourse—and then in the world—and call for a rethinking of racist Language that is vital for anti-racist work.