The Writings of David Thompson, Volume 2

The Travels, 1848 Version, and Associated Texts

By (author) William E. Moreau
Categories: History
Series: Champlain Society
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773545519, 436 pages, June 2015


This work presents an entirely new transcription by William Moreau of Thompson’s manuscript, and is accompanied by an introductory essay placing the author in his historical and intellectual context. Extensive critical annotations, a biographical appendix, and modern maps, make this the definitive collection of Thompson’s works, and bring one of North America’s most important travelers and surveyors to a new generation of readers.


"While preceded by several other editions, Thompson's manuscripts have had to wait until Moreau's exhaustive and impeccable edition to appear in trappings worthy of their fascination and importance. The editor as well as the publishers of this superb tandem of volumes (with a third in preparation) have painstakingly produced a woefully overdue publishing milestone. Although written 166 years ago, Thompson's Travels is the Canadian book of the year. " Canadian Literature